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Annual Canvass 2020

What to do if we get in touch about your household.

Register to Vote

Find out how to register to vote for the next election.

Contact Electoral Services

How to contact your local electoral services.

Polling Place Review

Find out more information about the review and details on how to have your say on our proposals through our public consultation.

Electoral Services Blog: Updates

Keep up-to-date with the latest changes in Electoral Legislation and practice with our bi-weekly blog.

The Electoral Register

The electoral register records all people who are eligible to vote in the local area.

How to vote - Polling Stations / Proxy / Postal

Elections are your chance to have your say on how Nottingham and the country is run.

Special Arrangements for Registering to Vote

If you need special arrangements to vote you can find information and guidance here.

Registering to Vote as a Student

Guidance on how to register to vote if you are a student in Nottingham.

Boundary Commission Proposals

Boundary commission proposals and sectors within Nottinghamshire area.

Election Results

Local, Parliamentary, European and other

Petition Figures

Petition figures and signatures needed for a referendum and governmental change.