An Introduction to Writing Non-Fiction

Author and freelance writer Andrew Graves presents an introduction to writing non-fiction features and getting your work published in the below video.

Andrew Graves regularly performs his work throughout the UK and has appeared on TV and radio. He has performed alongside Henry Normal, John Hegley and Sleaford Mods. With over 15 years experience as a workshop leader and facilitator, and regularly delivers cult film courses at arthouse cinemas in Nottingham and Leicester and facilitates pre-screen introductions and live Q&As.



Writing Creatively with Writing East Midlands

Learn the basics of creative writing with the below videos featuring writer, poet, film maker and educator Ioney Smallhorne.

These video workshops will sharpen those rusty writing skills and reawaken your love for writing. Learn more about specificity, capturing taste, smell and sounds, poetry, writing limericks, and how to successfully show and not tell.

Delivered in partnership with Writing East Midlands and free thanks to Arts Council England funding.

Specificity: Learn more about the importance of being specific in your writing and in life.

Writing images:  An exercise on taking note of the things you experience.  Capture all you see, smell, taste and hear and use those encounters within your writing. 

The Limerick and Golden Shovel Poetry poems: An introducion to Poetry and writing Limericks. 

Show don’t tell: Ioney shares her top tips on how to successfully show and not tell!

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Pens at the ready...

Writing for Wellbeing with Cathy Grindrod

Life can be overwhelmingly busy, noisy and crowded. This series of practical writing sessions is for anyone that would like to regularly escape to a calm space for a while to connect with themselves and their creativity, to gain some insight and clarity about life and to enjoy writing and wordplay as a route to living and feeling well.

Join Cathy as she delivers her writing prompts written in a way for you to write in whatever way suits you best.

Video 1: What’s your name?  Tell your story behind your name with the help of Cathy’s writing prompts.

 Video 2: Place. Where will you go?  Join Cathy as she explores your place with creative writing prompts.

Video 3: People. Can the people around you become characters in your story… Liston to Cathy’s creative ideas to help you give it a go!

Video 4: Wild. What does the word wild mean to you? Listen to Cathy’s creative ideas, connotations and meanings of the word wild to help you develop your concept and your writing.

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