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What the Building Control Service can offer

Find out more about Nottingham’s leading statutory Building Control service. Providing Building Control services on all types of construction projects.

Submit a Building Control Application

Guidance on what type of application you need, and how to submit your application directly to us.

Book a Building Control Inspection

Guidance on booking site inspections, and information on what needs to be inspected and when.

Submit A Demolition Application

Building Control only needs to be notified if the demolition is more than 50m3 in volume.

Request a Search for Your Missing Documentation

Request a search of our Building Control files for your missing documentation.

Contact your Building Control Services

Council contact information for Building Control services.

Building Control Useful Links and FAQ's

Useful documents and resources to help with your building control application.

Check the Approval you need for Building Work

View our guidance on what approval you will need before you start building.

Access to and Use of Building

The aim of the regulations and the supporting Approved Document M is to make new and altered buildings accessible to all people, including those with disabilities.